ezForm Filler Getting Started Guide


ezForm Filler allows you to keep track of the PDF forms, retrieve and save data from the PDF documents, print and save PDF files as both editable and uneditable forms, create data entry fields in the existing PDF documents. Application creates data entry screens for each page of the PDF document where you can enter data in the existing fields or create new ones.


To create a data entry screen you will need to use an existing PDF document. For example lets use 1040 PDF form from www.irs.gov.

The first step to create a data entry screen is to go to Form Maintenance – Forms menu or to click  button on the toolbar.

Forms window will appear. Here you can right click on the “Forms” heading and select Add New Form menu item or click Insert button .

Assign form name (F1040) and select f1040.pdf file for processing. Application will render each page of the PDF document to a graphic format and ask you if you want to use existing PDF fields. Click “Yes”. Application will process every field in the PDF document and prepare forms for processing. After “Done!” message appears press “OK” button to save created form. Now you can double click on page icons and see how data entry screen looks like.

To enter data click Insert button at the right half of the screen. Assign document name and press “Edit” button to start entering data on the main Form Editor data entry screen.



If a data entry field has fixed number of characters cursor will automatically move to the next field after the last character is entered. Radio buttons are shown in a different color depending on your Application Setup settings. To turn Radio Button on either click on it or enter any character. To turn a Check Box on/off either click on it or press a space bar. You can change any control properties by right clicking on it and selecting Edit option.


 Please note that changing field properties doesn’t affect PDF output, which uses internal PDF document settings to display data.  Field parameters can be changed for the data entry convenience.

After you are finished with the entering data document can be saved as either editable or uneditable PDF file or printed by selecting one of the options:  

Also you are able to recall previously saved datasets by pressing  lookup button or retrieve data from a filled PDF file by pressing .

If you need to add a new form field press a   button. Use mouse pointer to create/resize a field . After field is created you can right click on it and select Edit Field menu option to set field parameters, change its location etc.

To save entered data press  button and now you are ready to enter a new data set



If PDF form has a multiline field (for example address field) which was not recognized as a multiline during PDF processing you need to right click on this field and select Edit Field option. Now you are able to change font size and set this field as a multiline.


If you want to change default color scheme for the data entry screens go to Application Setup  and set options for the field appearance:

New Features


June 6, 2005: You can import form fields from a comma delimited text file. File layout should be as follows:

“Page Number”,“Field Name”,“X”,“Y”,“Width”,“Height”

For example:

1,"Field 1",149.21,656.55,326.75,22.93

1,"Field 2",172.14,227.25,144.59,15.29


Field coordinates are in points. One point equals 1/72 of an inch. Page origin is the lower left corner of a page.

To import fields select File – Import Fields menu option on the main editor screen.


July 19, 2005: Setting tab order. To set control tab order go to  Edit – Tab Order  menu and change control order using up/down buttons.